Policy on Advertising, Submissions, etc.

There’s a lot of complicated wording in these areas, all sorts of talk about click-throughs and what constitutes an actual serving of an ad, and how someone might suggest a topic.  Well, we have good news for you.  Our own situation is a lot simpler.

We absolutely do not accept ads, and we’re never going to.  Don’t ask about it.

We absolutely don’t accept suggestions for topics or contributed material.  I’m Tom Nolle, this is my blog, and every word is written by me and represents what I believe.  So don’t send suggestions.

We will never, never accept any form of payment or favor in return for saying something here.  What I say is what I believe, period.  Don’t offer anything.

If you’re a reader, a fan of this blog, then I thank you for your interest and loyalty, and I offer a promise in return.  This is uncontaminated information.  Nobody influences me in what I say; it’s my very best effort to tell anyone interested what’s going on in our very complicated industry.  There aren’t many things you can believe, or believe in, in the telecom, media, and technology markets today.  It’s my goal to make this blog one of those things, and that’s my promise to those who read it.

Policy for Quoting and Citing

This blog material may be quoted online or in print up to two paragraphs, in other blogs or news stories, as long as the quote is attributed to Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corporation.  Those who quote with attribution may link to the post as well.  This blog may NOT be copied in full, whether for a single entry or multiple entries, without our express written consent.  Contact inquiries@cimicorp.com for details.