Upcoming Netwatcher Topics

We want to provide our Netwatcher subscribers, blog readers, and other interested parties with a summary of the topics we’ll be covering in our technology journal, Netwatcher, this fall.  Here’s how the editorial schedule is lining up so far!

In September, we’ll feature the fourth segment in our service-layer series, which looks at the practical question of implementing a service layer and at the service-layer approaches of the network equipment vendors who lay claim to some service-layer functionality.  We’ll also be looking at the application models that enterprises believe are most amenable to cloud computing, and what might happen to realize their opportunity.

In October, Netwatcher will round out our service-layer series with a look at standard and open solutions to the service layer.  We’ll also cover the OpenFlow architecture and its notion of software-defined networks (SDNs).

November’s Netwatcher will include an extra section, this one in the form of an “open letter” from me to the management of the leading network vendors.  If I were giving the executive teams private advice, this is what I’d say!  The issue also includes a feature on the enterprise mobility space, and in particular what industries represent the real mobility opportunity.  We’ll offer some practical guidance in addressing mobility opportunity, too.  Finally, we’ll look at the so-called “emerging markets” in networking, asking what it is about these players that make them different from the primary markets…if anything.

December is our Annual Technology Forecast, and this year for the first time we’re integrating this issue with the results of our fall survey of enterprises and service providers to provide a one-stop shop for a vision of 2012.

If your company subscribes to Netwatcher, they have the right to distribute it freely within the company, so you can get a copy from your internal resource.  Contact us at netwatcher@cimicorp.com to find out who that is.  If you are not with a subscribing company, this same email can be used to request subscription information.  A sample issue and a table of contents for back issues is posted on our website.


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